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This past year has seen many of our favourite games shift to a bigger online presence as with many other aspects of our life, whilst some changes may only be for the short term and look to return to normal as it seems some things may be moving back in the right direction, there will certainly be other changes that look to stick around in a more permanent way. Bingo has always been a more social game, with the full halls and plenty of time to chat in between each draw makes it a go-to option for many players, but the future may certainly look to be online. What are the biggest benefits for drawing players to the online space?

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Ease of access – Perhaps the biggest benefit for many players will be within the ease of access to get play started, no longer are many required to travel to the bingo hall through crowds of people, instead just hop onto your favourite site or favourite app and start playing in seconds. There have been plenty of examples of success through other gaming options as online casinos as a whole have found huge numbers particularly in the past year, you can find some of the biggest and more favoured everywhere you look, and with bingo becoming a more popular option too, ease of access is certainly an important factor.

Bigger pay-out options – As with all online services, the increased player numbers often lead to bigger pay-out options as a bigger pot can be found from the higher numbers, some online rooms will pay-out based on the number of players that join and the more popular ones can certainly generate bigger numbers. If you’re looking to get the most out of online play, it’s certainly worth looking to the bigger rooms to see which can offer the most pay-out and which could remain popular for a longer period of time.

Changed attitudes for online play – Where online options may have once had a stigma or purists who suggest that a real trip to the bingo hall is the only way to play, this past year has certainly helped change the attitudes for many players however and there are plenty that are much more willing to accept online play as equal or even better in many regards. There may be a certain audience that are unlikely to ever make the change, but if a wider audience do it will certainly help online bingo grow.

There’s still some time yet before offline options become as widely available as it once was, and so there is a chance for online bingo to continue showing signs of growth, whether or not things will go back to the way they were is yet to be seen, but it certainly could lead to an exciting transition as online and offline options for gaming start to find out who comes out on top.


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