Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Bingo offers us so much enjoyment, adrenaline and excitement, it’s why we love to play. But can the same enjoyment and excitement be offered from casino games? Probably, but first let’s see the differences between the two so we can appreciate why Bingo is our number one favourite form of online gambling.

Bingo is quick and easy

You hear the number; you cross it off. Bingo is one of, if not the most simplest forms of gambling. You register for a bingo tournament and it’s done for you. Sure, in Bingo halls, we need to cross of the boxes, but online, it’s automated. Therefore, we can just watch and enjoy. There’s no worry that we missed a number or misheard.

In a world where we are ultra-busy and just want to enjoy simple gambling, Bingo is the best. Almost all other casino games require some mental energy or input from the player to participate. This is not the case for online bingo, unlike a trusted online casino Malaysia, where players need to give thought about what they’re going to do.

No need for odds calculations

Casino games have complex odds that require the gambler to work out whether it’s profitable to gamble or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s blackjack, slots or roulette, you need to be familiar with basic odds and fractions to calculate your potential rewards. Bingo is different, you don’t need to work anything out. Everything is there in front of you, clearly explained.

Bingo has no rules to learn

Every form of gambling has rules to learn to gamble. In blackjack, you need to know whether to hit or stick, roulette requires you to pick the numbers or colours. Bingo is unique in that there are no rules to learn, as such. Literally, anyone of legal age could play bingo with no prior experience. You can register with an online bingo and play not knowing anything. The only decision making requires is deciding how many cards to purchase. That’s it! Pretty simple eh?


By Sean

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