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As online casinos continue to expand the game selection on offer and draw in an increasing number of players from different backgrounds and with different interests, a question for newcomers is often what game the best is to start out with. Many will separate games based on a number of different criteria, but the most important may certainly be within whether or not the game is competitive or not. Whilst the act of competing against other players is certainly exciting in itself, it isn’t for everyone, so if you’re looking for many of the games found at online options like these verification casinos, then it may be important to make the distinction ahead of time.

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Competitive pros and cons – Competitive games include the likes of Poker and Bingo as two of the biggest options, and competitive in the sense that you’re fighting with other players to secure the win. Whilst Poker may rely on skill, Bingo has been a great choice for many as it’s easy to understand and easy to play, and you’re not directly competing in the sense you’re trying to trick or fool your opponent, just hoping to draw the right numbers first. Perhaps the best feature about these games is that they’re often more social with chat rooms and the ability to communicate with others you’re playing against, and often feature bigger prizes too. The downside for some titles is often that better players can clean up but isn’t necessarily a factor for games like Bingo where skill is less of an issue.

Casual pros and cons – Casual games often rely on the complete opposite direction – whilst other players may join you at the table through games like Blackjack, you aren’t competing against them and multiple players can win with the same hand. The pros often come in the fact they’re easier to play and very simple, and much more accessible too, but with the cons for some that they’re less social and often don’t have opportunities for player communication as many are solo efforts. Whilst some prizes may often be lower there is always the offer of jackpots too entice more play and bigger pay-outs too. There is always the risk of big change for these games too as seen recently with a proposed slots change for UK operators, where the competitive titles largely remain the same and untouched, big changes could have a huge impact on what can be expected for the experience.

Ultimately the choice comes down to what you enjoy the most and exploring all of your options is the best way to find out what you’ll enjoy the most, so be sure to try a little of everything to keep your options open and to have the best possible experience.


By Sean

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