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It goes without saying that bingo is an age-old and extremely popular game which is played extensively both off-line and online. However, fame is always accompanied by controversies and rumours. Bingo is no different. There are plenty of myths associated with bingo that continue to be prevalent even today, despite having been busted time and again.

For instance, you might have a friend who’s solidly convinced that online bingo is fixed! Or someone else might ridicule you saying that it’s meant for the elderly staying in old age homes. Let’s go ahead and bust some of the top myths associated with online bingo. On a side note, in case you had enrolled yourself into Gamstop and don’t know where to indulge in your favourite pastime, here’s a Casinomir guide to Bingo to help you out.

Online bingo is rigged

This is by far the most commonly known myth associated with online bingo. If you dig a little deeper you’d find that people who constantly complain about it being fixed are doing nothing but whining about their losses. Please note, every bingo game that you play at a reputed online platform is powered by something known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG ensures that the numbers are generated in a way that they remain unrepeatable and unpredictable. The efficacy and fairness of their systems is tested by third parties like eCogra. 

Online bingo is a waste of time

This myth is the work of people who have never actually experienced online bingo first-hand. The game is insanely popular and has been scientifically proven to help people de-stress. In addition, it’s a secure and safe online game that offers genuine opportunities of winning huge jackpots.

It’s meant for the elderly

Quite ironically, this myth is pretty old! Online bingo is loved by people of all age groups, right from the younger generation to the people in the later years of their lives. In fact, going by the statistics, the average age of a bingo player is 35 years today. Although you might still find old ladies and gentlemen in your average brick and mortar bingo hall, online bingo features a lot younger players.

Online bingo is not safe

Well, there is a certain amount of legitimacy behind this fear, as we get to hear about online scams every other day nowadays. Additionally, the fraudsters are becoming more intelligent and difficult to get caught, with time. However, looking closely at the safety and security aspect of reputed online bingo portals, they go all out to ensure that their platforms are safe from any type of hacking attempts. After all, it’s only in their best interest to take every possible measure to guarantee the players’ safety. Who would visit their websites otherwise?! Online bingo websites feature regularly updated security measures, top level encryption and latest technologies to protect both the players’ general data as well as their payment details.


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