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Are you a Bingo fan, but the thought of Bingo hall scares you? Online Bingo is a perfect solution for you. As a matter of fact, 75 ball bingo is one of the games, which is played on the same lines as the traditional game of Bingo. In this game you have bingo caller, daubers and bingo cards. Besides this, in this game of bingo, you will have your competitors, that you will be playing against and also will have an opportunity to win a jackpot.

Bingo Card

Bingo card is nothing but the card that you will be playing with. This card will in grid format, wherein there will be 5 blocks each down as well as across. The word BINGO will be seen appearing across top 5 boxes. Each of the letters in this BINGO heads a column. Remaining boxes in the grid are randomly filled with twenty four numbers, which will range from 1 – 75. You will see that there is a free space in the centre of the bingo card. This empty space will be automatically covered. This cell will be counted as valid in any of the winning patterns.

75 Ball Bingo


For winning this game, it is important that you should cover all the numbers present on your card, which are forming a pattern. As a matter of fact, every game has its own pattern. You will be able to visualize this on the corner of your screen. Here there could be a possibility of total coverage, black out as well as several creative patterns as well.

Bingo Caller

Bingo caller is no one else, but the game master who would be responsible for calling out those numbers that will be used for covering in the Bingo card.


One of the most important and the crucial aspects of online bingo is the capability to chat with both the game master and the competitors. It will not be wrong to call the chat room as a virtual bingo hall. You have an option to select from the several rooms that are available.

How to play online 75 Ball Bingo

Once you are familiar with all the terms that are used in the game of 75 ball bingo, it becomes essential to know about the necessary rules and the instructions for getting started. You should first go and buy the necessary bingo card. After the start of the game, the bingo caller will start calling out all the numbers randomly that are attached to any of the letters in the word BINGO. Once the number has been called out, you will try to find the number in the column of the letter that is being called out. If the particular number that has been called out is present on your card then should cover or daub it. The game will continue, till any of the players is able to complete in the respective patter that has been selected for the game. The person who is able to complete in the required pattern will be declared the winner.

Quite often it is seen that the jackpot amount will be dependent on the number of participants or the number of cards that have been sold. This game of 75 ball bingo is gaining popularity and the number of participants is increasing by day. The online world has provided convenience to all the bingo lovers to play the game sitting at their homes.


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