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The Basics of Bingo

Learning to play Bingo is easy because the game itself is delightfully simple. Each player buys cards / tickets marked with a random selection of numbers between 1 and 75 or 90, depending on which style of Bingo they’re playing (of which more below), and then the game commences. A ‘caller’ announces numbers randomly selected from the sequence – traditionally displayed as numbered balls on a Bingo call Board – and players then mark off any that match the numbers on their cards, aiming to be the first to mark off a winning pattern.

Each game offers a number of opportunities to win a prize, for example in 90 ball Bingo the first player to complete a Single Line Across, Two Lines Across and a Full House (i.e. mark off all numbers on a single card)

The game ends when the last prize for that session has been claimed.

What’s the difference between 75 and 90 ball Bingo?

To be honest, and not wishing to be glib either, it’s pretty much fifteen balls. Both games are played the same way, but 90 number Bingo is the traditional game played in the UK and Australia, whereas North American players are used to playing 75 ball Bingo. The cards players buy are laid out a little differently and the ‘winning patterns’ may differ, however the mechanics of play are essentially the same; mark off the numbers on your cards as they are called and hope you complete one of the winning patterns before anyone else does.

How do I play Bingo Online?

Online Bingo is played exactly the same way as Bingo in real-world clubs. All reputable online Bingo sites on web have guides to explain how you use their software and how money transactions are carried out, but in general you will need to sign up through an online registration form at the site you’ve chosen to play, creating an account with them. This account is a secure, password protected area where you can safely deposit money to play with, and into which any winnings are credited.


Common Online Bingo games features

Auto Daubing

‘ Auto Daub ’ is a user option that will automatically mark off all numbers being called that match those on your tickets . This is great if you have purchased a large number of tickets, which can be difficult to manage , but you can always switch it off if you like to daub your tickets manually for a real-world feel!
It’s worth nothing that if you miss a called number while manually daubing, it will not affect the outcome of the game if your ticket is the winner. Depending on your point of view that might take the skill out of the game, but it’s quite a boon for the less beady-eyed Bingo fan.

Best Card Sorting

Another common player aid, ‘ Best Card Sorting ’ is a user option to have your tickets automatically arranged on-screen in order of performance. When playing several tickets at once, this is a handy way to keep track of those that are the closest to winning.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots have become a big draw in online Bingo over the past few years, offering the chance to play for big money with low stakes.

Where offered, the online Bingo hall on web adds a small portion of all the money played through its daily Bingo games into a single jackpot, usually displayed within the Bingo game and lobby area of its site. If the site’s busy you’ll see the jackpot grow very rapidly right up until the session where it can be played for.


Chat is one of the most popular aspects of playing online Bingo, and no self-respecting online Bingo site neglects this crucial feature. Through virtual ‘chat rooms’, players can communicate using text with other online friends and players, as well as have direct contact with a representative of the online Bingo hall itself (often refereed to as CMs or ‘Chat Managers’). Chat isn’t difficult to get to grips with, and each site will have guidance on how to use its particular software, as well as a glossary of some of the popular abbreviations and acronyms you’ll come across during a chat session. Some online Bingo companies also offer Chat Games as a way for regular players to win bonuses during their online sessions.

Common Chat Room Etiquette

The best Online Bingo sites invariably moderate their chat rooms using their CMs to ensure customers can enjoy a pleasant experience, however here are some general guidelines to illustrate what conduct is unacceptable.

Players should not use indecent, threatening or foul language
Players should not slander, abuse or threaten others
Players should not use nicknames that could reasonably cause offence
Players should not use sexual or racial slurs
Players should not impersonate other players
Players should respect a CMs authority


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