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Bingo is a game of probability where the players mark off numbers on cards as a Caller shouts them out at random from Bingo balls. Originally, the aim was for the winner to be the first to mark off all numbers in what is called a full house; however, rules have since changed. There are some prizes for marking off specified lines.

A fun fact is that in the UK more money every year is spent on Bingo tickets than on footballing events combined! Although the game is thought of as being mainly popular with the elderly, the average age of a player is in face 35. Bingo plays a very important part as a social event to get together and connect with friends.

The Bingo halls can see winners walking away with thousands of dollars, therefore, more than just being a social hangout or a past time, it is also an opportunity to win a good amount of money!


Bingo games are open to everyone especially as they can present very big jackpot prizes up to a quarter of a million pounds! Entry to the game has recently depended on players going to a Bingo Hall and purchasing tickets. Tickets can cost as little as one pound which can get you a strip of six tickets and you would be in for a chance to win some serious cash prizes. The single biggest win ever was on 23 March 2008 of £1,167,795 at a National Game at a club in Coatbridge.

It is possible to play Bingo online, and it attracts many players and has contributed to the economy in the past year as Bingo halls were closed during the COVID-19 restrictions. In the U.S online Bingo has also proven to be a very popular past time game. If you would like to play a game of Bingo online, you can do so on platforms listed at, which have also seen a growth in popularity in recent times.

Bingo, both in halls and online, has been shown as a good way for many people to maintain a social life as well as having fun. This is the reason why it continues to be a popular past time amongst many people, with the added bonus of being able to win a jackpot. Due to their popularity, we are sure that this game will be one of the favourites for a long time. So, why not give it a go! Play responsibly!


By Sean

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