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Playing bingo is a great way to pass the time, but there’s a little bit of strategy involved if you want to play for real money. One of the toughest decisions that you’ll need to make is which rooms to play in, because every room has a different pattern. One of the top patterns to play is the blackout pattern. Does that mean that you should give up all other rooms and do nothing but play blackout bingo? Not at all. There are reasons why you’re going to want to spread out your bankroll, but let’s tackle blackout bingo first.

As the name suggests, you only get to call bingo when you’ve marked out every single number on the card. If you haven’t done that, then it’s considered a bad bingo. By the way, if you get too many bad bingos in one room, they disqualify you and you can’t play there for a few rounds. That would be a huge waste of your money, so make sure that you avoid that as much as possible.

But that doesn’t really answer the question fully: should you invest money in blackout bingo rooms? Not necessarily. See, the blackout will trigger one of the best payouts on the site usually. You get a lot of money because you have to take so long to mark all of the numbers. Hits makes for an incredibly long game. Sometimes you’ll see variations where you can play speed blackout bingo, which makes things a little more interesting. Those rooms are usually not auto daub by the way. Traditional blackout for real money can be done with the auto-daub format, giving you more chances to play and win.

You get a lot of different options when you go to a bingo hall. I would recommend spend the most cards on bingo patterns that are going to turn quickly, and saving blackout when you have a little extra to spend. This goes directly against people who believe that you should put most of your money on blackout and spend as little as possible with the other patterns.

It depends on your goals. We would rather bet in the faster rooms more often and see a return on our gameplay than have to wait forever to see if we’re a winner. Blackout bingo is really hard to win. You could play blackout for a while and still not get all of the right numbers to come up. Compare this to playing a bunch of cards in the traditional bingo rooms. If you played 4, 8, 12, or even 16 cards at once, one of them is bound to pay out.

It’s a matter of looking at how you want to play, and how social you want to be. Playing speed bingo will not give you a chance to chat with anyone. But if you were to play in regular rooms, you have enough time to at least talk with people. Your chat time increases when you turn on the auto-daub feature.

Give it some thought before you log into the bingo hall next time. And if you’re a new player, be sure that you’re on the lookout for welcome bonuses and other promotions. You just never know what a bingo parlor will offer you until you sign up and deposit some money, so check it out today!


By Sean

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