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There are a few tips professional bingo players use to increase their chance for large payouts when they play online bingo for real money. The number one tip is gambling at a reputable website. Many people get caught in fake bingo websites, which scam their money. One best way of finding a proper bingo hall is reading reviews from online bingo review websites. The following tips have been useful to people who have been playing bingo a long time and for people who just started bingo.

Don’t play more cards than you can handle

Playing too many cards distracts you from finding all of the winning combination’s you could have. You might also miss numbers. If you’re playing in an online bingo tournament though, this does not apply! Most online bingo sites offer an auto-daub feature that marks your cards for you, and will even call out bingo if you win!

Play with a mid-range number of people

If you play with a small to medium size group, you have a better chance at winning a few pots. If the group is to0 big, you are likely to wait a long time in between BINGO’s, if the group’s to small, there’s no prize money to win! If you’re playing in a bingo tournament, the size of the group doesn’t matter as much as the number of prizes.

Websites that have bonuses for deposits

Join a bingo website that offers deposit bonuses. What this means is every time you deposit money to their website, the website matches a percentage of the amount you deposited, not just the first time, every time! This gives you more playing money, which means you can win more money! – Bonus Tip – Most community orientated bingo sites will even give you a bonus on your birthday!

Be a good bingo neighbor if you are playing offline!

If you have just won a big pot, a smart move on your part would be to share the glory with your neighbor. Hopefully if you end up on the short end of the stick later in that game, they will repay the favor to you. Buying them a card is a great way to show your friendliness to your neighbor.

Experience, Experience

As with a lot of things in life, it takes time to get better at bingo. No one was born a great bingo player. Some people don’t even go to bingo halls to win money; they use it as more of a way to meet people. Same can be said for online bingo as well. Most of the online bingo players use live chat rooms to socialise with other bingo players. This is a great way to look at it because then any money you do win is just an extra bonus compared to the friends you make while playing bingo. The more you play bingo, the better you will get at bingo.

Always stay within your budget

This should go without being said. It would surprise you how many bingo players are broke after a few cards of bingo. Gambling with money you don’t have is never smart, this can get you in to serious legal trouble. Just don’t do it.


By Sean

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