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Whilst we love bingo and find it the most pleasurable form of gambling, there is one other form we find appealing in Texas Hold’em. There are some similarities between the two that aren’t different to other gambling variants. If you’ve never played poker before, read on as we’ll be sharing the commonalities between these two fun games and you can choose whether you’ve found a second favourite game.

Available at Low Cost

Bingo can be one of the cheapest forms of gambling for loads of people. It’s one of the few games that affords people the chance to win at very little expense. Fortunately, online poker offers similar experiences. You can deposit as little as $10 online or even play for free! There are freerolls that let players have the poker experience for free. This similarity is a huge perk for players who are keen to learn poker cheaply and gain some online poker tips at the same time.

Social Game

One of the best things about bingo is the social aspect. If you play in a bingo hall, you can chat with fellow players. If you are playing online, there’s comradery and chatting too and partly why online bingo is permanent.  This aspect is similar to poker where both online and live versions involve other players. In fact, live poker is popular largely due to the social aspect. People love chatting between hands or telling stories. It’s part and parcel of the poker experience.

Feeling of Euphoria

We all love the feeling of getting a line or better, a full house to win a big prize. The feeling of euphoria comes over us and it’s a reason we all come back and play bingo regularly, isn’t it? Online poker is no different as the same feeling can be had when you win a big pot or get a hand that cannot be beat. This is known as the “nuts”. It’s a fantastic feeling and just one other similarity between these two great games.
There you have it, three things that bingo and poker have in common. Now you know them, will you give poker a try? If so, start off small and remember to gamble responsibly.

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By Sean

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