Bingo: A very packed house

The growth of the online bingo market is currently showing no signs of easing, with new sites opening on what seems to be a weekly basis.

It was predicted that the introduction of the new Point of Consumption tax back in December 2014 would trigger a slow down in the rate of market growth. The reasons for this assumption were that smaller brands would find it very difficult to remain profitable after the new 15% tax had been levied. (more…)

90 Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the most common version of bingo found in the UK, Australia and some parts of Europe. As opposed to the traditional American version of 75-Ball Bingo, 90-Ball Bingo is played with 90 balls and bingo tickets, rather than cards.

A 90-Ball Bingo ticket has 9 columns and 3 rows. Players will buy one sheet of six tickets, containing 90 numbers. While each row contains nine squares, only 5 of the squares are numbered with the remaining four left blank. Numbers range from 1 to 90, with all 90 numbers on each sheet of tickets. Therefore, every time a number is called, the player will be daubing that number on one of his or her tickets. (more…)

Should You Invest in Blackout Bingo for Real Money

Playing bingo is a great way to pass the time, but there’s a little bit of strategy involved if you want to play for real money. One of the toughest decisions that you’ll need to make is which rooms to play in, because every room has a different pattern. One of the top patterns to play is the blackout pattern. Does that mean that you should give up all other rooms and do nothing but play blackout bingo? Not at all. There are reasons why you’re going to want to spread out your bankroll, but let’s tackle blackout bingo first.

As the name suggests, you only get to call bingo when you’ve marked out every single number on the card. If you haven’t done that, then it’s considered a bad bingo. By the way, if you get too many bad bingos in one room, they disqualify you and you can’t play there for a few rounds. That would be a huge waste of your money, so make sure that you avoid that as much as possible. (more…)

History Of Bingo

The game of Bingo has a rather intriguing history, dating back to 16th century Italy, where it was first introduced as “Lo Giuoco Del Lotto d’Italia”. Though not exactly the same, the similarities are certainly profound enough to be considered the origins of Bingo, as we know it today. In fact, Lo Giuoco Del Lotto d’Italia is still played on a regular basis in Italy.

As far as the modern version of Bingo, particularly the traditional North American version of 75-Ball Bingo, we have to go all the way back to 1929, to a traveling carnival that set up show just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Attending this carnival was a New York businessman by the name of Edwin Lowe. Edwin was a toy manufacturer who always kept his eye open for new ideas. (more…)

What to Look For in a Bingo Bonus

When looking to play online bingo for free, many people make the mistake of looking for the biggest signup bingo bonus. One site will offer £25 for a signup bonus while the next will offer £50. At first glance it looks like the second site would be the ideal place to register because they are giving you more free money to play with. At first glance, this seems like a great deal and that’s where many people make their big mistake.

Bingo Bonus

The problem with that is that it isn’t the size of the bonus you should be looking for, but whether or not there are any play-through stipulations attached to it. It may be that you have to play through your original deposit 5 times over before you ever get to collect real cash winnings. How bingo bonus money works is that sites will either match what you deposit, or give you a set amount. On the sites where they match your bonus is where you can most easily be led astray.

Say you put in a £100 deposit thinking that they well give you the same to play with. But, that site may make you play through your original bonus 5 times before you can win real cash. You would have to either win £300 to play with or put another cash deposit of £300. It is better to look for lower play-through amounts than higher bingo bonus money. That way, the likelihood of depositing more money is reduced prior to being able to accept real cash payouts. With this all in-mind, make sure you read bingo reviews before you consider signing up.

How to Increase Your Odds at Winning at Bingo

How would you explain bingo and bingo strategy?

Simply put, bingo is pure gambling. However, there are a few simple ways to tip luck toward your bingo cards. These tips are not going to make you win every game, but they will definitely help you win more games of bingo than you would without using these techniques.

What is the simplest strategy that you would offer the bingo player?

First of all play with more cards. If you buy one bingo card in a game and every other player buys 1 card also then you have the same chance of winnings as everyone else, if, however, you buy 6 cards in the same game then you increase your chances of winning buy 600%.

Though I doubt you will ever be the only person that plays multiple cards, the more cards you purchases will increase the odds of you having that winning card in that game.


So having more cards is the best strategy?

Buying more cards is defiantly the best method of increasing your odds when playing bingo. It is simply a numbers game…no pun intended, lol.

How simple is online bingo?

It’s probably the most simplest form of online gambling. The online software that bingo sites use will mark the cards for you so you will never miss any numbers that are called which you may do at a bingo hall.

So your saying it doesn’t take much skill to win at bingo. What are other techniques you use when playing online bingo?

I look in all the available bingo rooms.

I avoid playing in rooms with a high number of players. It is true that these are the room where you will win the most money, and this is what is tempting to most player. But you also have the less chance of having a winning bingo card.

Players tend to want their money to go as far as possible and opt in for the free rooms and rooms where tickets cost the less. Sure, your money will last longer but with the amount of players in such rooms, the odds on your winning are very slim.

This being said I find it best to pay a little bit extra per ticket for less players playing in these kinds of rooms.

Can you do anything about the cards you receive?

Absolutely! You can choose your cards and you want to choose them carefully.

When purchasing your cards you can usually pick which strips and individual cards that you wish to purchase. Try to avoid cards that have numbers too bunched up.

Rather than too many numbers that are in the lower range or too many number in the higher range, you want an average spread of numbers ranging from 1 – 90. The virtual bingo machine picks numbers at random so having an equal spread of numbers will give you the best chance.

It sounds like the entire bingo game is a game of numbers.

No pun intended again, right. But you are right. The more cards you have and the more games of bingo you play the more of a chance you will have of winning.

The saying that “you have to be in it to win it” applies here. If you keep playing then your odds will play in your favour as you eventually have to win.

Any other tips for the readers on playing bingo?

Quit while you are ahead!

It is best to know when to quit. It is best to pocket a small amount than it is to blow all your money in one go. If you are on a winning streak on day, convince yourself that your winning streak will end sometime soon and stop. You can come back and try again the next day.

You talk about bankroll management in your betting guide, the same principles are necessary to be successful at online bingo.

Players should set daily limit to spend. Gambling can turn into an addiction and it is very important you know your limit. If you set yourself $30 in one session make sure you do not spend over this. We all get bad luck when playing and you will have a better chance of winning over a week playing rather than all in one night.