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Magical Vegas is Just the Trick, just ask

There’s no denying it we all love a themed casino and slots site, offering something novel in addition to all the great games bursting out of their library. One brand new site which offers this in spades is the all-new Magical Vegas!

The website is sleek and sophisticated, and certainly does bring the magic of sin city right onto your screen, with the bright lights of all the popular resorts on the famous strip filling the background of the homepage. This isn’t the only link to the bright lights and alluring draw of Vegas on show – this fantastic gaming site also offered the opportunity to win a trip to the world’s gambling capital as part of their launch celebrations. One lucky player on the site managed to win a stay at the MGM Grand simply by completing tasks to collect tickets to a special prize draw. With such a spectacular opening offer, we can only expect more great things from this slot site.

Magical Vegas is also home to a host of unique slot games you won’t find in the lobby of any other site, offering a truly magical gaming experience unlike any other. There are over 200 different titles in the library from a number of different providers, including some live dealer games, meaning there is something for everyone. Plus freebie fans will appreciate 20 free spins on the Starburst slot upon joining the site. There seems to be lots of great things happening on this site, whether it’s unique games, great welcome offers, freebies or chances to win once in a lifetime trips, making it a great new addition to the slots and casino gaming scene.

Don’t just take our word for it – leading UK affiliate site has written a unique review containing all you need to know about this top new gaming site. So for more on just exactly what kind of great games, offers, welcome bonuses, payment options and all-round gaming experience you can expect from Magical Vegas, be sure to check out the Magical Vegas review on Mad About Bingo.

Gala Bingo Review

Play bingo in the UK? Then chances are you’re already well acquainted with the Gala Bingo brand. Gala is the biggest UK bingo company operating 166 halls nationally, with a quarter of a million people passing through its clubs’ doors each week for their bingo fix. Allied to the fact that the weekly prize money paid out is nearly £30 million (!), it’s fair to day that this is one company that should have the experience and clout to deliver a top notch online bingo experience.

Gala previously delivered its online bingo in partnership with the popular St. Minver network but in early 2006 it decided to relaunch using its own bespoke software, and it is now a far more distinctive proposition. The previous site, despite sharing its look and feel with some other online bingo halls, offered some great gaming, so Gala’s decision to tear it down and ‘go it alone’ is brave. But, more importantly, has it raised the bar in delivering the Bingo hit to match Gala’s high street halls? Is it still “The Bingo That Gets You Buzzing” as Gala claim?

Well, sticking with the ‘buzzing’ theme, Gala’s rock-solid reputation in the real world bingo business, does mean that even the most nervous newcomer to online bingo can be assured that they are not going to be stung at this site. With safe and secure play a given with Gala, we can therefore quickly turn our focus to the pursuit of the Bingo buzz promised!

Gala Bingo

Gala has done a great job in creating a bright, welcoming website with appropriate animation and excellent navigation to help you hunt down all you need to know before embarking on a proper Bingo beano – we’d even go as far as saying that it’s one of the most attractive sites we’ve reviewed to date. But is it just a pretty face? Eyes down . . .

Clicking the front-page clarion call to ‘Play Online Now!’ takes you straight to the console through which all Gala’s games are played, and all without needing to download and install any extra custom software (that is assuming your computer already has the ubiquitous Flash software most modern PCs have pre-installed with their Web browsers). We are also pleased to report that Gala’s console worked flawlessly when tested with an Apple Mac too, which is a very welcome improvement on its previous site.

Getting to play online with Gala requires joining up, but this is a relatively simple, quick, online process that – once complete – gives you immediate access to the games themselves. You can view the games console to get a taste of the look and feel of Gala’s games before committing to play, but the chat is disabled so to get a real idea of whether you like the atmosphere here you do need to register. This brings us to our first criticism of the new Gala site. Previously a free £1 bonus to all new players on registration, without requiring a deposit, was a nice way to let them really test-drive the Gala experience. Now there is no such bonus (and bonuses in general is an issue we’ll return to later) so you are now expected to commit some cash to try things out. We think this is a backwards step. (more…)

Bring on the Fun – Online Bingo Has Plenty In Store for You!

The thrill of winning money just for showing up is something that we don’t get to experience very often in everyday life. Sure, you have land based casinos, but who has time to drive all the way out to one, or even fly to one? That’s a lot of time and money being sucked away from everything else you have on your plate, something that never ends well.

Let’s talk about something that does end well for people: playing online bingo instead of driving around looking for casinos. We have no problem with land based casinos, of course. If you happen to want to check those out, more power to you. But when it comes to having fun and saving time, there’s nothing better than being able to entertain yourself from the comfort of your own home.

This brings us not only back to online bingo, but a great place where the games go on and on and on: Buttercup Bingo. If you’re looking for a safe haven online where you can come, play bingo, make friends, and actually make some additional spending money, this is the place to be.

The feature that we wanted to highlight most would have to be the tournament function. For bingo, this means you could choose the Sit N Go tournament, where you just sit down and the game starts as soon as the room has its maximum number of participants. You don’t have to wait very long for another game to begin, so there’s always fun waiting for you.

Maybe you want to play other games, but you don’t want to have to search for another site from scratch. Buttercup Bingo still fits the requirements because you can play slots, roulette, video poker, and even keno on the site. So while the focus is bingo, you’re in for that game plus a lot more fun.

Notice a theme here? This is all about having a good time. Very few things in life are strictly designed for our entertainment anymore. Isn’t it a good thing to have a place where you can just relax and let go of life’s pressing problems for a little while? Check out this bingo site now, while it’s on your mind. You definitely won’t be sorry!